Sex toys straight out of another world!

For a change from the ordinary sex toys we all know, we present the Daemon straight out of the wild imagination of Margot and Romain, founders of the brand Fera Daemon.The project started in 2019 with the establishment of the enchanted and fairy world of Fera. During this time, the founders were also creating prototypes […]

4 myths about penises

Myths about penises have existed since the dawn of time. Some are true, while others are simply urban legends. So that there can be no more misunderstandings about certain stories, here is a non-exhaustive list of myths about this much revered member: 1- The bigger the penis, the better it is First of all, let’s […]

Butt-plug and recommendations

Anal jewellery is on a roll, if I may say so. And it must be said that it dresses up any buttocks in search of a little sparkle. Glass, metal or silicone, decorated with a pretty crystal or a fancy pattern, there’s something for everyone. And its streamlined shape leaves no doubt as to how […]

Is a hoarse voice sexy?

Is it your absolute fantasy that your partner, with a damaged voice, will whisper dirty words in your ear during sex? Know that it’s possible! You will also know that you are not alone and that many people know that the more hoarse their voice, the sexier they are perceived to be! Don’t give up […]

Is nymphomania a disease?

A person is said to be a nymphomaniac when they are obsessed with sex. Like all addictions, the lack of sex can cause deep depression.So the answer is yes! Nymphomania, not to be confused with hypersexuality (having a large sexual appetite) is indeed an illness! It is a pathological and addictive behaviour that cannot be […]

Should you swallow or spit out?

Fellatio is a popular pastime among humans and some animal species. But when it is carried out, a major controversy arises along with the semen: should you spit or swallow? To add fuel to the fire of the semen ingestion advocates, a 2002 study proved that some of the hormones present in semen could have a […]

Does the size of the clit affect pleasure?

Does the adage that it’s not the size that counts also apply to the clitoris?This may seem like a silly question, but it is important to remember that the clitoris can be very different sizes for different women. Some women have what is called an “enlarged clitoris” that measures less than 2 centimetres, while others […]