The position of the Viennese oyster

If you don’t have the opportunity to go and taste good oysters in Arcachon this summer, don’t panic. Stay in bed and make your own!

The Viennese oyster is a top penetration sex position that requires the recipient to be very flexible and place their legs behind their head. Once in this position, the donor penetrates from above. It gets its name from the fact that the recipient’s body is shaped like an oyster in this position.

How to master it?

To get into the Viennese oyster position, the recipient lies on his back, usually on a bed. He then lifts his legs and moves them so that his feet are close to his head. In this position he can be penetrated. The donor may kneel over the recipient or, if he is placed at the end of the bed, penetrate him standing up. The recipient usually uses his or her hands to stabilise the partner and avoid being crushed.

Many people enjoy the Viennese oyster position because it allows for deep penetration. It is also great for controlling the pace, depth and angle of penetration that this position allows.

This position may not be suitable for some couples, especially those with disabilities that cause contractures or stiffness, such as cerebral palsy. It also requires a high degree of flexibility on the part of the recipient. People with large penises may also find it difficult to cope with the deep penetration that this position allows. Geez…

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