What is squirting and how do I do it?

Did you know that everyone with a vagina can squirt? Yes, you read that right! This sensation is not reserved for just a few people, on the contrary, everyone has the physiological ability to achieve it.Don’t expect to live the craziest sexual experience of your life, but it can be really interesting to live, and […]

The different types of nipples

Learn more about your body! Yes, we are all different and it is these differences that bring us together. And with summer fast approaching, you may come across people on the beach or at the pool who don’t have the same nipples as you! But don’t panic! Before you ask yourself if this is normal, […]

Test the butterfly position!

No sexual position can be suitable for everyone, but the butterfly comes close. Why? Because it’s easy to do, and full of sensations. To keep it simple, the recipient lies on his or her back on something solid and elevated (bed, table, chest of drawers) while the donor stands up to penetrate. The receiver lifts […]

The position of the Viennese oyster

If you don’t have the opportunity to go and taste good oysters in Arcachon this summer, don’t panic. Stay in bed and make your own! The Viennese oyster is a top penetration sex position that requires the recipient to be very flexible and place their legs behind their head. Once in this position, the donor […]

How to increase your testosterone level?

In men, testosterone is produced primarily in the testicles. Although it is also present in women, it is the main male sex hormone. Here are its effects: Maintain bone density Builds fat, strength and muscle mass Produce red blood cells, libido and sperm Without testosterone, there can be no sexuality. Even a slight decrease in […]

How to enjoy yourself in the shower?

Whether you’re alone or accompanied, the shower is a perfect place to indulge yourself. And the good thing is that you’re already there to wash up after you’ve reached 7th heaven! So here are some tips to make your time in the bathroom as exciting as possible: The shower head is your best friend Don’t […]

Masturbation: the Shallowing technique

Masturbation has undeniably found its place in the sexuality of women. And it’s fair to say that they have many ways to enjoy themselves. But do you know shallowing? In a nutshell, it’s about limiting contact with the body to the entrance of the vagina, rather than going too far. “The entrance to the vagina […]

Sperm in the hair, how to get rid of it?

Uncontrolled ejaculation can leave your partner’s hair covered in warm, sticky fluid. Here’s some professional advice on how to avoid a replay of the famous “Mary at any cost” scene. Some people swear by the virtues of semen, whether ingested for its vitamin content or simply applied for its action on the skin or hair. […]