Test the butterfly position!

No sexual position can be suitable for everyone, but the butterfly comes close. Why? Because it’s easy to do, and full of sensations.

To keep it simple, the recipient lies on his or her back on something solid and elevated (bed, table, chest of drawers) while the donor stands up to penetrate. The receiver lifts his or her legs so that the ankles rest on the donor’s shoulders, and that’s it! You do it! Minimum effort, maximum results. The donor has a clear view of his partner’s naked body and full access to his private parts, and the recipient can relax and enjoy.

The good thing about butterfly sex is not just that it’s easy to do and feels amazing (but that too, you know): ‘Butterfly sex can be suitable for anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality. If someone stands up to penetrate, you get better angles and access, and you can also give anal pleasure,” says Ruby Payne, sexpert for UberKinky. “And the penetrator can be a man or a woman, where the use of the dildo belt is particularly suitable.

And if you’re not convinced, here are some other benefits to practicing this position:

-> It allows for deeper penetration and true clitoral stimulation
-> It is just as suitable for wild sex as for slow penetration
-> If you are the one being penetrated, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy

Adding sex toys can make the butterfly even more pleasurable. Multiply the experience with a penis ring, anal plug or nipple clamps to make the moment even more enjoyable!

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