How does vagina evolve over time?

We sometimes hear that the size of the vagina can change depending on the amount of sex a woman has. Science is clear: no way!

According to the gynecological specialist Dr. Magirena, the differences in internal size are related to the stretching capacity and length that we have at birth. The reality is that the average vagina is between 8 and 12 centimeters long and 4.5 to 6 centimeters wide. It can adapt to the size of the penis, it can dilate and retract. There is no such thing as a large or small vagina, only a conforming one.

“The vagina is a cavity with very elastic walls and a great capacity to distend during arousal and orgasm,” explains Dr. Magirena. To give you an idea, just think about childbirth and the vagina’s ability to dilate at that time.

However, the expert warns that where problems may be considered is when the elasticity of the vagina is low, the perineal muscles are tight and lubrication is poor. “What can change over time is precisely its elasticity, as with all other tissues in the body, whether it’s skin, hair, muscles or joints. Childbirth also changes the entrance to the vagina, especially if there has been an episiotomy,” adds the gynecologist.

To solve this problem, the specialist does not recommend vaginoplasty, which removes tissue from the vulva, unless there is a birth problem. So how to change the elasticity of the vagina? Frequent intercourse and vaginal massage are recommended to improve the elasticity of the vaginal walls and improve lubrication.

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