How to enjoy yourself in the shower?

Whether you’re alone or accompanied, the shower is a perfect place to indulge yourself. And the good thing is that you’re already there to wash up after you’ve reached 7th heaven! So here are some tips to make your time in the bathroom as exciting as possible:

  • The shower head is your best friend

Don’t have a sextoy? No problem! On most shower heads, you can adjust the intensity of the spray as well as the temperature. A perfect object for masturbation, which you can adjust according to your desires.

  • Use a waterproof sextoy

Used alone or in addition to the shower head, waterproof vibrators can allow you to discover new sensations in a hot, humid environment…

  • Keep condoms nearby

You can use condoms even underwater! But don’t be fooled, water and soap are not alternatives to lubricants, so remember to have your favourite water-based or silicone-based lubricant next to you.

  • Get closer to your partner

If you’re showering together, you don’t have to have sex with your partner. You can simply bring your bodies together to increase your bodily connection. For example, you can soap him/her up or wash him/her.

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