Is a hoarse voice sexy?

Is it your absolute fantasy that your partner, with a damaged voice, will whisper dirty words in your ear during sex? Know that it’s possible! You will also know that you are not alone and that many people know that the more hoarse their voice, the sexier they are perceived to be! Don’t give up hope…
When it comes to pleasing someone, tone of voice is very important as it accounts for 38% of successful communication in an exchange. At 55%, body language is equally important as it directly conveys what you are thinking and feeling. According to a study conducted by researchers on speed-dating, since you are usually sitting down, your voice and your eyes are your best assets.
According to the results, it seems that the single women in this study group adapted the tone of their voice to the person in front of them. This is evidence that women use a hoarser, sexier voice to seduce.
And more concretely, our brain directly perceives the sexy intonation that some women use to seduce and this often leads to a stimulus that orders the secretion of sexual hormones.
Modulating your voice is also beneficial in many situations, such as manipulation! Beware of this super power!

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