Butt-plug and recommendations

Anal jewellery is on a roll, if I may say so. And it must be said that it dresses up any buttocks in search of a little sparkle. Glass, metal or silicone, decorated with a pretty crystal or a fancy pattern, there’s something for everyone. And its streamlined shape leaves no doubt as to how to use it. All good reasons to give in to the siren call of the butt-plug. However, a few recommendations are in order…
First of all, even if the intense challenge seems deeply exciting, specialists unanimously advise against wearing it for a whole day in a row. And so much the worse for the naughty thrills at work… Indeed, wearing such an object for more than several hours is already an Olympic performance. It is therefore recommended not to exceed 30 minutes per session, at the risk of exposing yourself to various particularly unfortunate problems. Irritation, inflammation, haemorrhoids, or even swelling of the sphincter preventing any withdrawal, our tolerance to foreign bodies is always limited.
The corollary to this advice is that it is also inadvisable to sleep with it, for the simple reason that in the middle of sleep, one could miss the body alarms warning of a risk: pain, bleeding, and wake up the next morning quite annoyed.
Use lubricant, at every introduction. Even if you have some experience in anal dilation, the systematic application of a lubricant is not superfluous. Because even if, once the plug is inserted, it is immobile, the body continues to move around it, increasing the risk of quite unpleasant micro-lesions. It has to slide!
Finally, and most importantly, start small. The idea of inserting an oversized object into her hindquarters is certainly exciting, but there’s no need to get your eyes bigger than your butt. Anal pleasure is a subtle game, and betting too big is the best way to get disgusted…

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