Masturbation: the Shallowing technique

Masturbation has undeniably found its place in the sexuality of women. And it’s fair to say that they have many ways to enjoy themselves. But do you know shallowing?

In a nutshell, it’s about limiting contact with the body to the entrance of the vagina, rather than going too far. “The entrance to the vagina is very sensitive. It represents 90% of the nerve endings in the vagina, which is why its stimulation can be very pleasant, whether with a partner or alone. So it’s worth paying attention to it,” Cécile Gasnault, director of the Smile Makers brand and creator of Vulva Talks, told British magazine Glamour.

“If you practice penetrative sex, you may have experienced pleasure when the head of the penis creates pressure at the entrance of the vagina before or at the very beginning of penetration. Same thing with a sextoy or fingers,” she adds.

How to practice it?

It’s not rocket science! You can start by placing your fingers, penis or sextoy at the entrance of the vagina and press gently, barely entering. Take your time and breathe slowly.

You can close your eyes and concentrate fully on the sensation. To explore further, you can create small movements. Draw small circles or do small wiggles. You will see if one side is more sensitive than the other. If so, you can try to focus the stimulation there, moving back and forth.

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