4 myths about penises

Myths about penises have existed since the dawn of time. Some are true, while others are simply urban legends. So that there can be no more misunderstandings about certain stories, here is a non-exhaustive list of myths about this much revered member:

1- The bigger the penis, the better it is

First of all, let’s get the basics straight: on average, a penis at rest measures 9cm and 13cm when it is erect. Since the pleasure zones are not very far from the entrance to the vagina, the penis does not have to be very long for her to enjoy herself. And for the record, women are more likely to fear “big” penises for fear of pain during penetration. So no matter how big your penis is, if it knows where it’s going, you don’t need to worry.

2- If the erection lasts too long, the balls turn blue

So no, your penis won’t look like a Smurf’s if your partner gets you hot but you don’t go all the way. On the other hand, be careful, if your erection lasts more than 4 hours, go to the emergency room right away, it could be priapism!

3- Continuous ejaculation is dangerous

You can’t die from masturbation, unless you suffer from heart disease, and even then it’s very rare. Nor will you deteriorate any of your abilities: auditory, visual or even cognitive. In any case, between each ejaculation, the resting time increases, giving your penis time to rest.

4- Without a constant erection, it is not possible to have an orgasm

Most of the time, the erection is not firm and constant during the entire intercourse. And this is normal! An erection can vary depending on the stimulation, the time of intercourse and physical and psychological factors. But in any case, this does not affect having an orgasm.

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