How to enjoy yourself in the shower?

Whether you’re alone or accompanied, the shower is a perfect place to indulge yourself. And the good thing is that you’re already there to wash up after you’ve reached 7th heaven! So here are some tips to make your time in the bathroom as exciting as possible: The shower head is your best friend Don’t […]

Is a hoarse voice sexy?

Is it your absolute fantasy that your partner, with a damaged voice, will whisper dirty words in your ear during sex? Know that it’s possible! You will also know that you are not alone and that many people know that the more hoarse their voice, the sexier they are perceived to be! Don’t give up […]

Is nymphomania a disease?

A person is said to be a nymphomaniac when they are obsessed with sex. Like all addictions, the lack of sex can cause deep depression.So the answer is yes! Nymphomania, not to be confused with hypersexuality (having a large sexual appetite) is indeed an illness! It is a pathological and addictive behaviour that cannot be […]

Should you swallow or spit out?

Fellatio is a popular pastime among humans and some animal species. But when it is carried out, a major controversy arises along with the semen: should you spit or swallow? To add fuel to the fire of the semen ingestion advocates, a 2002 study proved that some of the hormones present in semen could have a […]

Does the size of the clit affect pleasure?

Does the adage that it’s not the size that counts also apply to the clitoris?This may seem like a silly question, but it is important to remember that the clitoris can be very different sizes for different women. Some women have what is called an “enlarged clitoris” that measures less than 2 centimetres, while others […]

Sperm in the hair, how to get rid of it?

Uncontrolled ejaculation can leave your partner’s hair covered in warm, sticky fluid. Here’s some professional advice on how to avoid a replay of the famous “Mary at any cost” scene. Some people swear by the virtues of semen, whether ingested for its vitamin content or simply applied for its action on the skin or hair. […]

How does the vagina change over time?

We sometimes hear that the size of the vagina can change depending on how much sex a woman has. Is this true? Science says no! According to gynaecologist Dr. Magirena, the differences in internal size are related to the stretching capacity and length we have at birth. The reality is that the average vagina is […]

The Deep Throat Guide

While the term deep throat is usually associated with pornography, it can be a very exciting act if it is extremely well controlled and if it is done with mutual respect and pleasure. Before you start, it is strongly advised that you practice so that you do not feel the sensation of choking or the desire […]

Mental orgasm is possible!

A yoga teacher says she learned to cum “almost instantly” and without any stimulation because traditional sex was no longer beneficial to her. Karolin Tsarski, from Estonia, says she spent a decade learning how to achieve “total sexual satisfaction” because she found traditional sex painful. She says she can now have an orgasm for 10 […]