Uplust is looking for a Lead Web Developer (Php / jQuery)

Uplust is the first uncensored social network, available on desktop and mobile (Web App) allowing every adult user to share naughty pictures and interact with the Uplust community. After a worldwide buzz as “Pornostagram” (US Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Daily Dot, Europe 1, and many more), Uplust is growing very fast, and brings together […]

Uplust is looking for a Project Manager

We are Uplust – but you already know it. We are a young, innovative team powering the first uncensored social network in the world with 340,000 active users! We are growing very fast. So now we are looking for a Product Manager to join our team. This would be ideal role for a Consultant, Product […]

QPT talks about the Instagram for adults

QPT – Brazil / June 6, 2014 “Are you tired of the severe anti-nudity policy on Instagram? Want to see more hot photos? Then check out Pornostagram. The website works like Instagram, but contains only nude and sexy photos. In addition, it has weekly challenges in which users need to post pictures with the proposed theme […]

Pimplikeme talks about Instagram's cousin

Pimplikeme – France / June 5, 2014 “The adult version of Instagram is born for the sake of the most perverse of us. We’re finally going to be able to watch loads of cocks and hot photos from the net, great! As a reminder, Insta is an application for Smartphone, you take a good old photo, […]

Terra talks about Uplust

Terra – Spain, June 5, 2014 “Every now and again comes a new social network; the latest one is Pornostagram. No need to explain much of what is going on on that website, right? Angel and Lara propose a twist, but the proposal does not succeed too well.” View the video here.

Gadgeteros says “here comes Pornostagram”

Gadgeteros – Mexico / June 5, 2014 “Maybe some don’t know, but surely others will already have guessed that sex and internet porn world move very closely with the illicit drug trade. The new Pornostagram implementation plans to keep a piece of the social networking market online, dating and sex.” Read the rest of this […]