Should you swallow or spit out?

Fellatio is a popular pastime among humans and some animal species. But when it is carried out, a major controversy arises along with the semen: should you spit or swallow? 
To add fuel to the fire of the semen ingestion advocates, a 2002 study proved that some of the hormones present in semen could have a beneficial effect on mental health. According to the authors, women who practiced sex without a condom showed fewer cases of depression and suicide attempts. This is attributable, according to the authors, to certain elements of semen, such as serotonin or oxytocin, molecules that act on mood and that the scientists later found in the blood of the women studied.
But this was vaginal sex and it is difficult to establish the correspondence with oral sex. Besides, if semen contains proteins, zinc and vitamin C, one would have to suck an impressive number of penises to meet its RDA.
In addition, human semen contains an antioxidant, spermidine, which is helpful in the fight against aging, as studies on mouse livers have shown.
The case for spitballing
While swallowing semen can help fight depression and aging while providing vitamins, spitting it out can also have its benefits. It can reduce the risk of transmission of STDs or STIs such as herpes or hepatitis. Without forgetting that some diets that are too rich can give the sperm an unpleasant taste and therefore make the person who has set out to swallow it have a bad time!
To conclude, swallowing is good for your health but it can be risky and not very tasty!

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