Mental orgasm is possible!

A yoga teacher says she learned to cum “almost instantly” and without any stimulation because traditional sex was no longer beneficial to her.

Karolin Tsarski, from Estonia, says she spent a decade learning how to achieve “total sexual satisfaction” because she found traditional sex painful. She says she can now have an orgasm for 10 minutes without any stimulation. “Every woman has the power to awaken her ‘orgasmic energy,'” she explains.

She says she has mastered the ability to orgasm without any stimulation through “years of yoga and tantric training.” Scientists wanted to study her case. They asked her to evaluate her orgasms according to different criteria. The results showed that she rated her orgasms from non-genital stimulation, which she taught herself, almost as pleasurable as clitoral orgasms.

Tsarski, who is among the study’s co-authors, explained that her journey to orgasm without stimulation began with a struggle with vaginismus. “I learned to relax and let go, accepted body image and paid more attention to daily life in general as well,” Tsarski reveals by way of prescription, and says the sexual benefits became apparent as her training progressed.

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