Mental orgasm is possible!

A yoga teacher says she learned to cum “almost instantly” and without any stimulation because traditional sex was no longer beneficial to her. Karolin Tsarski, from Estonia, says she spent a decade learning how to achieve “total sexual satisfaction” because she found traditional sex painful. She says she can now have an orgasm for 10 […]

How does vagina evolve over time?

We sometimes hear that the size of the vagina can change depending on the amount of sex a woman has. Science is clear: no way! According to the gynecological specialist Dr. Magirena, the differences in internal size are related to the stretching capacity and length that we have at birth. The reality is that the […]

Handjob and telework

No, this is not a report on the year 2021, a year of pandemics and a world at a standstill. On the contrary, it’s about taking stock of the new ways in which man is exploited by man and the opportunities they offer when we no longer have a boss to directly insult us at […]

Masturbation: How do men like it?

Even if you bring immense pleasure to your partner during your lovemaking, it’s not that easy to achieve a good masturbation with your hands! Too hard, not hard enough, too fast or too slow, there are still some rules to know to get through it… Remember, men need visual stimulation to get pleasure. Therefore, the […]

Does sex make you smart?

A study has just been released and it should give some people an excuse to practice: sex would make you smarter. In fact, the University of Maryland and another from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea reveal that sexual relations can make you smarter, or at least increase cognitive and memory functions by stimulating the […]

Tips to reach orgasm quickly

Weird incantations or magic candies are not what we are going to talk about! What we’re offering are tips on how to reach orgasm very quickly! So if you’re the kind of person who gets impatient, read this carefully. Foreplay It is better not to miss them, they are real allies for reaching orgasm! They […]