Masturbation: How do men like it?

Even if you bring immense pleasure to your partner during your lovemaking, it’s not that easy to achieve a good masturbation with your hands! Too hard, not hard enough, too fast or too slow, there are still some rules to know to get through it…

Remember, men need visual stimulation to get pleasure. Therefore, the first rule to respect will be to place yourself in front of him, preferably in a position that highlights you in order to perform your caresses. Do not hesitate to look at him and to play with your charms, speak to him, caress yourself… Take control! Then be gentle, stroking his penis up and down in a back and forth motion. Once he’s erect, feel free to grab him firmly, but always be aware of your partner’s reaction. As with you, remember that pleasure differs from person to person. Don’t hesitate to add both hands, it’s a way for him to get closer to the pleasures of penetration. For a tenfold pleasure, it will also be important not to neglect the testicles of these gentlemen. Often put aside, you score points if you take care of them! Massage them with one hand and caress his penis with the other. Finally, you should know that men have an erogenous zone between the testicles and the anus: the perineum. Apply light pressure or make small circles for a guaranteed pleasure!

Now it’s your turn!

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