Glaçon sur la peau

The myth of foreplay is over: we explain how to make love without penetration!

We are always told about the importance of foreplay to prepare the carnal act. But we often forget that there are different ways of making love and that it doesn’t necessarily involve penetration. Preliminaries can be considered as full-fledged sex. These practices offer you the possibility to increase the pleasure little by little. To take the time to increase the sensations as well as the desire.

Here are some ideas that you can try with your partner to make him turn the head:

The mirror effect

Face to face with your partner, the goal is to reproduce what the person in front of you does. If, for example, the lady starts to touch your chest and then moves towards your thighs, you will have to do the same on her…

Masturbating as a duo

Lying side by side or sitting face to face, the choice is yours, each one slides his hand towards the other’s sex. You start by brushing him, touching him and you finish by masturbating him using a lubricant for a maximum of pleasure.

Hot or cold?

Do you remember that game we played when we were younger to look for an object? Well, the principle is the same here! The goal is to let your lips roam along the body of your partner to find his erogenous zones.

Listen to an erotic podcast

Let yourself be transported by sweet words whispered to achieve an auditory orgasm. Today, many podcasts exist and there is something for everyone! You can also prepare your own recording to surprise your partner with your sensual voice…

Use an ice cube

With the summer coming, this technique should be ideal to cool you down! A few ice cubes in the freezer and you’re done. Whether you slide it along the body, titillate her nipples with it or take it in your mouth at the same time as her sex, we assure you that the result will be there!

Drink a hot drink

For a cold-hot effect, take a few sips of your hot drink and then direct your mouth towards your partner’s sex. A pleasant heat will surprise him/her and increase his/her pleasure!

You can spread out these erotic moments throughout the day. The pleasure will be even more intense at the end of the day…

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