Is nymphomania a disease?

A person is said to be a nymphomaniac when they are obsessed with sex. Like all addictions, the lack of sex can cause deep depression.So the answer is yes! Nymphomania, not to be confused with hypersexuality (having a large sexual appetite) is indeed an illness! It is a pathological and addictive behaviour that cannot be […]

How does the vagina change over time?

We sometimes hear that the size of the vagina can change depending on how much sex a woman has. Is this true? Science says no! According to gynaecologist Dr. Magirena, the differences in internal size are related to the stretching capacity and length we have at birth. The reality is that the average vagina is […]

Does sex make you smart?

A study has just been released and it should give some people an excuse to practice: sex would make you smarter. In fact, the University of Maryland and another from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea reveal that sexual relations can make you smarter, or at least increase cognitive and memory functions by stimulating the […]