2depaus talks about Uplust

2depaus – Brazil / June 5, 2014 “You all are aware that the big social networks like Facebook and Instagram do not approve with porn contents on such platforms, aren’t you? And I know that the staff loves a hooker, lacking in seeing interesting content on the subject” Read the rest of this article here.

Pheeno says “meet the Pornostagram”

Pheeno – Brazil / June 5, 2014 “People want to expose their intimate moments for all to see. However, on most current platform for sharing photos like on Instagram, nudity is something that is not allowed. To satiate the desire of exhibitionists, the Frenchman Quentin Lechemia created Pornostagram, the porn version of Calls.” Read the […]

Techtear talks about the new hot social network

Techtear – Mexico / June 5, 2014 “We want to tell you that if a member of your beloved social network, Instagram has a new competitor: Pornostagram. This new social network includes the same parameters as the first only with hot photos. If you get tired of the photos with filters and mobile photographers and […]