Playboy says “Uplust is the social media app for people who are tired of Instagram censoring nudes.”

Playboy – US / November 9, 2015 “The #FreetheNipple campaign has been a long-standing fight by the common people to protest Instagram’s archaic censorship rules. And while people have taken to just posting their nipples elsewhere, there may be a social media alternative for people who want to share pictures of their naked bodies.” Read the rest […]

Deathandtaxes says that Uplust is “the photo-sharing app that encourages you to #FreetheNipple [NSFW].”

Deathandtaxes – US / November 9, 2015 “If you want to share explicit pictures of yourself on the internet, your options are limited. Facebook doesn’t look kindly on exhibitionists and will remove explicit photos and suspend accounts over pictures that contain nudity, or, in our case, screenshots where an alleged 19-inch dick was concealed by a sock. […]

La Republica says “This social network has ticked away with other pornographic websites and seeks to offer the experience that other platforms prohibited.”

La Republica – Peru / November 7, 2015 “Las redes sociales hoy en día -ya sea Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr o Twitter- no tienen permitido la circulación de desnudos en sus plataformas. Sin embargo, ¿existe alguna red social que sí satisfaga esta “necesidad” de los usuarios? Uplust es ese espacio que, talvez, estabas buscando.” Read the rest of this article here.