New subscription model is coming

Dear Uplusters,

Uplust is now 5 years old! Early users might even remember our first name: Pornostagram. While we were convinced of the potential in developing an open-community where everyone could post whatever naughty content they want and #freethenipples, we didn’t think you will be more than 700.000 members here today.

These past few years, the website has evolved… a lot. Many features were released: videos, Lusts, Chat… You might have seen our brand new version that has come up recently built on a new core technology so you can enjoy a better experience.

Now we are welcoming members from more than 120 countries: USA, Mexico, Brazil, France… While Tumblr, Instagram and other platforms keep shutting down adult contents, more and more new users are signing up every day on Uplust. It is fantastic to run a place like this with this awesome community! Now, as the number of users keeps growing, we need to think about the future. How can we improve Uplust and provide the best platform?

Uplust is not yet profitable. Some investors helped us in the past years to develop the platform. Now it’s time to build a solid revenue model in order to meet your expectations, and to keep expanding the community. Most of social media platforms display targeted advertising to their members so they can provide free services. You might know this sentence “if you’re not paying for it, you are the product”. At Uplust, we don’t want you to be spammed by ads popping everywhere on your screen. With this in mind, we’ve decided to introduce a membership model, starting on May 4th 2019. Members will have different options to choose from, with an entry offer at $4.90 per month. You can find all pricings and available features for each membership here. All users who have registered on Uplust before May 5th 2019 will be automatically upgraded to Basic account.*

Growing our revenue will help us to grow our team and infrastructure, so we can ensure a better service, and new features you will enjoy! We’ve also asked ourselves many times how to keep a clean Uplust, with people in our community that can trust each other. We’re convinced that this new model is the best answer to spammers and fake profiles who keep joining Uplust every week.

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.

Thank you for always being there and long live to Uplusters!

Uplust Team

* As a Basic member, you won’t be able to follow more than 250 members. If you already have more than 100 followings, you will keep your followings but you won’t be able to follow more users.

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