Terra talks about Uplust

Terra – Spain, June 5, 2014 “Every now and again comes a new social network; the latest one is Pornostagram. No need to explain much of what is going on on that website, right? Angel and Lara propose a twist, but the proposal does not succeed too well.” View the video here.

Gadgeteros says “here comes Pornostagram”

Gadgeteros – Mexico / June 5, 2014 “Maybe some don’t know, but surely others will already have guessed that sex and internet porn world move very closely with the illicit drug trade. The new Pornostagram implementation plans to keep a piece of the social networking market online, dating and sex.” Read the rest of this […]

Melodijo Lola talks about a new uncensored app

Melodijo Lola – Mexico / June 5, 2014 “I’ve always said that I find it amazing how there is now an app for EVERYTHING, but I think that now we’ve reached the limit … there’s a new application that allows users to filter and share nude photos of themselves.” Read the rest of this article […]

2depaus talks about Uplust

2depaus – Brazil / June 5, 2014 “You all are aware that the big social networks like Facebook and Instagram do not approve with porn contents on such platforms, aren’t you? And I know that the staff loves a hooker, lacking in seeing interesting content on the subject” Read the rest of this article here.