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We are currently hiring extraordinary people who want to help design, build and scale Uplust. Since we launched in 2013, we’ve grown to a community of over 240,000 people who share more than 2,000 photos each day on the first uncensored social network! We’ve been able to do this with an incredibly small team who live and breathe Uplust, and we’re looking for folks who are just as passionate to join us.

We’re looking for all types of people, whether you’re an engineer, a designer, or a specialist in scaling our back-end technologies to keep Uplust fast and reliable. We’ve also been fortunate to find amazing people directly from the Uplust community. We’d love to find more folks who believe in Uplust’s potential to change the world for the better and would love to hear your story.

Interested? Check out the positions we currently have open and get in touch:

Lead Web Developer (PHP / jQuery / MySQL)
Project Manager